Washline Design is a small independant design house led by its sole owner/employee and design monkey, Michael Ramanauskas. Since 2001, Washline has had a very clear mission statement of "Clean and Simple". Whether it be web, graphics, print, video or flash based, Washline strives to always hold itself to high standards of design and usability. No unneccesary bells and whistles, no gimmicks, just solid design, clear messages and beautiful simplicity. If you care about design, as much as functionality, and want a dynamic visual product that delivers, contact us and tell us your needs.
Michael Ramanauskas is the method behind the madness.

In 10 years he has created Flash animations & interfaces, flyers, banners, corporate and personal sites... even a 52' trailer was involved once.

With practical experience in branding, print set-up, minute details, and creative solutions, Michael has experienced both the wonders and horrors of the design world.

Having spent the last couple of years working exclusively as a Multimedia Designer for a major Social Networking company, and lending his skills to Canada's #1 e-Commerce site, the world has had time to become a brave new frontier again.

With gumption and gusto Michael boldly faces a horizon tinged with unknown and exciting possibilities. With a broad smile on his face, Michael is always ready for the next challenge... but appreciates the easy tasks too.

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Flash can be an important tool when utilised correctly. From entire sites, menu interfaces, animation or just plain dazzling vector design, Flash could be the right choice.
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Banners, flyers, web graphics and more. For the web or to hand to your clients, sometimes you need a more traditional way to communicate your ideas.
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Static presentations can lack a little life. Using dynamic video or subtle Flash elements in your project can bring things to the next level.
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Washline can take care of your website needs from initial concept to finished product. Whether it's a simple personal web-presence or a corporate database driven website, every project is treated with the same care.
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Sometimes ideas and techniques spring from the most unlikely places. Here is a sample of tests, trials and playing around, that while not always commercial, definitely help develop and strengthen skills.
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